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Alive in Evolution

Deepening Connection for Positive Action
Workshops, retreats & mentoring
with Inna Alex

Supporting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in times of great uncertainty.


Heart-centred transformational work to deepen our connection with ourselves, each other and the web of life. Rooted in the interdependent dance of life, we embrace change and co-create a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

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   "I love exploring together with others what it means to be fully alive in the human experience at this point in time on Earth: to feel deeply, as self-reflective parts of the Living Earth, to take responsibility and act with love and clarity, to create community, and to support life to thrive."

Living in the 21st century, we are navigating times of immense change, individually and collectively. The Great Unravelling is visible everywhere. The extinction of life on Earth is at stake.

How do we create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible? 


Inna offers...

  • Work That Reconnects workshops & retreats

  • Facilitation training

  • Women events

  • Community gatherings

  • Permaculture education

  • Mentoring & coaching​

Upcoming Events


Offerings are for...

  • Individuals & groups

  • Community organisers

  • Parents & teachers

  • Healers & rebels

  • Warriors & lovers

  • Spiritual seekers, and

  • anyone working and living in service of Life on Earth.

Who for?

Learn more about

Work That Reconnects

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Reawaken to your Interconnectedness with Life.
Empower your Work for the Earth.
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Offerings

  • Deep Ecology Online, 6-week course
    Wed, 17 May
    Online Course
    17 May, 7:30 pm NZST – 21 Jun, 7:30 pm NZST
    Online Course
    With Inna Alex, Dr Eshana Bragg & Br. Tenzin Anderson. 4 Oct - 8 Nov 2023.
  • Deepening Love - Training for Couples
    21 Sept, 5:00 pm – 24 Sept, 5:30 pm
    Onekaka, 1234 Takaka-Collingwood Highway, Onekaka 7182, New Zealand
    3-day retreat with Ana Norambuena for couples who are curious about new impulses for Loving and Relationship.
  • Deep Ecology Online, 6-week course
    Wed, 04 Oct
    Online Course
    04 Oct, 7:30 pm NZDT – 08 Nov, 7:30 pm NZDT
    Online Course
    With Inna Alex, Dr Eshana Bragg & Br. Tenzin Anderson. 4 Oct - 8 Nov 2023.
  • ReSource - WTR & Open Floor
    Sat, 28 Oct
    Lower Moutere
    28 Oct, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
    Lower Moutere, 213 Main Road Lower Moutere, Lower Moutere 7175, New Zealand
    Weaving an interactive journey of Work That Reconnects & Open Floor movement. Essential Tools for the Great Turning. With Inna & Jaime. Near NELSON.
  • Deep Ecology & Dharma Yatra NZ
    Sun, 26 Nov
    Top of the South Island, NZ
    26 Nov, 4:00 pm – 05 Dec, 2:00 pm
    Top of the South Island, NZ, Mārahau
    Pilgrimage to explore Deep Ecology & dharma teachings while walking through pristine landscapes

Read what others have experienced...


Charlotte, Hawkes Bay (ecologist)

As a scientist stepping into a deep ecology workshop I felt well prepared for the intellectual side of the experience. I was really impressed with and thoroughly enjoyed how deeply the emotional and connecting side of the workshop played out. This is a great way to motivate people into real life change.


Jenni, Wellington (teacher)

An essential experience to awaken ourselves to reconnect with our innate nature. Through creative and explorative excercises the workshop led me to feel and be with myself and others authentically with a joint vision to be part of healing our world.

Create the Beautiful World our Hearts know is possible.
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