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About Me

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Inna Alex

Facilitator - Mentor - Event Coordinator 

Kia ora,

   I love bringing people together as we journey into the unknown future of the 21st century: Sharing our joy, grief, fear and visions about our world, I find how deep our care and connection truly is. We are all here together, in this precious adventure called 'Life'.

   What does it mean to be fully alive in the human experience at this point in time on Earth? As a self-reflective part of the Living Earth, how can I choose to take responsibility and act with love and clarity for Community, Life & Love to thrive?

   I see evolution guiding us to become authentic, responsible and resilient human beings, with huge capacity for intimate connection, care, courage and creativity. I feel a lot of joy to share the treasures and tools I have found useful and positive on this evolutionary journey up until now with you.

With Love for our Earth,


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   Originally from Germany and in love with the NZ wilderness, I immigrated to Aotearoa in 2006 as a yoga teacher and environmental planner. I started working in water management for council, and my passion for more sustainable ways of living on our beautiful planet soon led me to study and practice permaculture, as a more hands-on, grassroots approach to create change.

   Since 2007, I have been living a community-minded, earth-based lifestyle in Tui Community, Golden Bay, with my daughter Kiva and my partner Col. I work part-time with the Tui Balms workers' co-operative as well as in environmental & permaculture education with Earthcare Education Aotearoa.

   Living in intentional community, I have gained many practical skills in permaculture living, organic gardening, healing foods, communication, group facilitation, parenting and women's work, as well as a deep appreciation for collaboration, co-creation and nature connection.


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   Since 2009, I have been actively facilitating and studying the Work That Reconnects (WTR) both with its root-teacher Joanna Macy and with John Seed. I am a recognized facilitator of the Work That Reconnects Network. For the last 10 years I have been offering WTR/Deep Ecology around NZ and overseas at stand-alone workshops and retreats, as part of Permaculture Design and Yoga Teacher Training courses, as well as at festivals (including Luminate, Conscious Roots, Convergence, Prana and Buddhafield). I now also mentor WTR facilitators in training and those wanting to integrate WTR into their daily lives, families and communities.

   During these years I have also grown my experience as a facilitator of permaculture, community building, food fermentation, women's work, yoga and chanting. Work That Reconnects is now an essential part to most of what I offer and you are likely to find it interwoven into all my events.


Beautiful people I collaborate with...


Robina McCurdy

Earthcare Education Aotearoa

Robina is the main tutor on Earthcare's annual residential Permaculture Design certificate courses at Tui Community. Besides facilitating a day of Deep Ecology on the course, I am also the course coordinator.

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Ngarie Jones

Goddess Connect & Tui DeLight

Ngarie and I facilitate "Goddess Connect", the annual women's gathering at the Tui Treefield. We have also coordintated Tui DeLight together, the Treefield's summer festival co-created by all the residents of Tui Community.


Jaime Howell

Opening Minds

Jaime is an international Open Floor and Mindfulness teacher. He is also passionate about Rites of Passage and the Great Turning. In our joint events we weave a tapestry of empowering modalities. Be prepared to move AND be deeply touched.

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