Alive as Earth

Summer Gathering for Positive Change

Tui Treefield, Wainui, GOLDEN BAY

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Alive as Earth

* Build community *

* Relax, play and learn together *

* Empower your work for the Earth *

The Tui Treefield invites all peaceful Earth warriors, healers, fools, magicians, leaders and lovers to gather and share in the spirit of Being Alive as Earth.

We will co-create a spacious, resourcing journey of building community, playing and learning together, and affirming our empowerment to bring healing to our world.

On offer will be a selection of inspiring, experiential workshops with professional facilitators, time for quality connection, and nature camping. We will provide shared vegetarian dinners. BYO B-fast & lunch.

Workshops all explore the theme of Alive as Earth using a variety of methods and modalities, including...
* Poetry, Story Telling & Clowning
* Nature Connection & Land Art
* Conscious Dance & Open Floor Movement
* Work That Reconnects & Systemic Constellation Work

Next Date: Waitangi Weekend 2022, Fri-Mon, 4-7 February

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Arrival & Program

On Friday, you may arrive and set up camp from 2pm. Please plan to arrive by 4pm latest.
We will gather together at 5pm to welcome everyone and begin building our community.


7-8am   Morning Wellbeing (co-created by our community)
8.30am   BYO Picnic Breakfast
9.30am   Morning Circle (Community Building & Check-in)
1pm   BYO Picnic Lunch
2-5.30pm   Open Space
5.30pm   Community Connect & Workshop Announcements
6pm   Shared Vegetarian Dinner at the Treehouse (provided)

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The event is limited to 30 participants.


Adults: $210 (full ticket) / $180 (subsidised) / $135 (Sat--Mon ONLY)
Teenagers (13-17yrs): $130 
Kids (4-12yrs): $75
Kids 0-3yrs: FREE



Ticket price includes...
3 experiential workshop mornings (10am-1pm), 3 dinners, 3 evening programs, 3 nights camping accommodation and a whole weekend of being in community of like-minds in a stunning natural setting right be the beautiful Wainui Beach and Abel Tasman NP.
Kids tickets (for children aged 4-12yrs) include childcare 10am-1pm, so parents are free to enjoy the workshops.

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Note: This is a family-friendly event. No alcohol, no drugs, no dogs.

This is also a co-creative event: We invite you to contribute and co-create by helping out with practicalities in the kitchen and on the event site, as well as bringing your own topics and offerings to share with others during the Open Space in the afternoons.

COVID Disclaimer: This event will go ahead at Level 1 & 2, but will be cancelled in Level 3 & 4. Should the event be cancelled you will receive a full refund on your ticket.

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2021 experiential workshops

Each morning from 10am-1pm there are 2-3 workshops to choose from. All are 2.5-3hrs immersions, offered by experienced facilitators inspired to share their personal tools for empowerment with you.

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Spiral Journey - Work That Reconnects

with Inna Alex

Work That Reconnects supports us to deepen our connection with and care for ourselves, each other and all life.  Awake to our interconnectedness with the web of life, we are empowered to participate in the Great Turning.

The work offers a variety of practices, including guided meditation, partner and group exercises, movement, poetry and song. We will use the Work That Reconnects to build community and experience our interconnectedness throughout the event.

Bring your open heart, vulnerability and love for connection for an authentic exploration of what it means to be alive at this precarious time together.


Sacred Stance through the Maori Voice

with Matiu Te Huki

This interactive workshop will cover traditional Maori practices including the warrior energy of haka (traditional power dance), the hongi (sharing the breath of life), story, the art of introduction, song, and more.

Matiu has over 20 years experience as a Maori language and performance teacher, he is an engaging facilitator, dynamic international musician, playwrite, storyteller and a leader amongst his own communities.

Matiu's approach is welcoming, inspiring, fun and empowering.


Moving with Clarity

- Open Floor/Conscious Dance

with Sybille Biedert

Grounded & Connected.

This workshop weaves together conscious dance, individual, partner and group exercises. You will be supported to arrive fully in all your 4 bodies (physical, emotional, mental & energetic).

The intention of our time together is centring and exploring clarity and how it moves in our body; what do you have a 'yes' for and what do you have a clear 'no’ to?

What is Embodied Freedom?

Let's find out!


The Golden Thread

- Storytelling

with Aralyn Doiron

The connection power of story.

Before there was writing, humans of every culture used story to engage, know themselves while passing history and life lessons to descendants. 

Together, we will explore the way that story has woven our lives and demonstrate how easily we can create community through story.


Messages from Nature.

Nature Connection & Poetry

with Redwood Reider

Voices of powerful wisdom can speak through us in the form of poetry and song, helping us access our wholeness and giving us the strength to stand up for change.

This is a three-part workshop. First, activist and spoken-word poet Redwood will share original poems and the stories behind them. Then, we will practice the art of ‘hearing’ nature’s wisdom. Finally, integrating those messages from nature, we will engage in poetic writing exercises to access guidance for our journeys through the world.

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Systemic Constellation Work

with Di Koch

Making the Invisible Visible.

What does interconnectedness look like in this moment? 

Drawing from Systemic Constellations work. Inviting slowed down embodied sensing, imagination, intuition and heart wisdom into a group conversation. Welcoming our multiple intelligences and opening perspectives to support fresh eyed thinking for what is needed now.

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the Fool's journey

with Col Minney

The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with direct experience and expression of the many masks that we all have and share. Masks being all aspects of our character and personality that arise in the multitude of everyday interactions we encounter. You will leave with knowing yourselves at a deeper and alternative level and understand how to ‘play’ with them in awareness and not be consumed with them. You will also have the opportunity to play with others and fool meets fool….bring curiosity courage and the desire to fail magnificently.


Integrating Culture & Nature

through Land Art.

with Bryan Hansen

Land and nature art offers an opportunity to integrate ‘culture’ and ‘nature’, celebrating and honouring those life resources that sustain us, reminding us of the temporary nature of our shared existence.

Creating non-destructive, non-invasive, impermanent artworks and temporary installations, our aim is to facilitate and promote conversations that reconsider our cultural practices and its impacts on nature, seeking out a collaborative relationship between our human needs and environmental concerns.

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Alive As Earth 2022: 4-7 February, Waitangi Weekend