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Deepening Love

with Ana Norambuena & Inna Alex

24-26 April 2021

An immersion for couples who want to evolve skills in Loving and Relationship

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Probably you’ve had painful experiences that the Hollywood myth of ‘ Happily ever after’ isn't true. 

In order to deepen love and feel fresh and alive in your relating, more is needed. What is that? 

For relationships to thrive we surely need love, but also skills for intimacy

This immersion is for couples who want to explore and create ways for deeper connection with yourselves, your partner and your world. It’s valuable whether you’re at the beginning of or well into your relationship, whether you feel empty-handed or well-equipped with tools.


The purpose of this immersion is to give your relationship dedicated time and focus to deepen.

We will open doors and hold space for you as a couple to embark on a creative process towards new discoveries and rewarding results in your relationship.

There will be a maximum of 6 couples.

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In this experiential training you will be able to experiment with creating new results while being part of a supportive group journey. It offers you a solid foundation to what may become an ongoing training/exploration, with 'Part 2' scheduled for July 2021.

Using practices from Possibility Management and other bodies of work we will explore and learn tools for: 

  • multi-level intimacy (physical, sexual, mental, emotional and beyond) 

  • communication skills 

  • having difficult conversations 

  • letting go of expectations & resolving conflict 

  • the art of king & queen making

  • empowering each other’s life purpose


Expand your tool box in a powerful, enjoyable and fun way.

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Dates & Location

24-26 April 2021


Sat, 24 April, 10am - Mon, 26 April, 11am:

Weekend at Shambhala, Onekaka, Golden Bay

You can also book an option with 3 additional counselling sessions with Ana (both individually and as a couple, either in Takaka or online) to support your journey of deepening your intimacy.

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$690-890 per couple  

This consists of... 

  • $250 non-refundable admin & logistics fee*, incl admin costs, 2 days venue hire, facilitators' accommodation, and co-created vegetarian meals 

  • $140 accommodation in twin/double room (2 nights at Shambhala Eco-Stay)

  • $300-500 trainer/facilitator fees for Ana & Inna**

- OR -

Program + 3 private sessions with Ana 

$970-1,190 per couple  

This consists of... 

  • $250 non-refundable admin & logistics fee*, incl admin costs, 2 days venue hire, facilitators' accommodation, and co-created vegetarian meals

  • $140 accommodation in twin/double rooms (2 nights at Shambhala Eco-Stay)

  • $300-500 trainer/facilitator fees for Ana & Inna**

  • $280 for personal counselling sessions with Ana (2x60min single, plus 1x90min couple; discounted rate)

* $250 non-refundable admin fee is payable on booking. The remaining amount is payable 1 week prior the retreat. Time-pay in 3 instalments possible. 

** We will leave it up to you to determine the value you receive and how much trainer fee you wish to offer in reciprocity.

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Your Facilitators

Ana Norambuena   - Couple Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Possibility Trainer. 

Ana is an explorer burning to understand how it works to be a human being and how relationships can succeed. Her passion is to accompany couples in their courageous journey for fulfilment and create spaces for individuals for the development of  

their own self-expression.

Ana has been working from her practice and online with singles and couples in New Zealand and overseas for the past 13 years. She is currently based in Takaka, Golden Bay, and travels nation-wide for trainings.

Inna Alex   - Event organiser and Work That Reconnects facilitator.  

Inna is passionate about deepening connection to ourselves, each other and the web of Life. Having lived in intentional  community and explored conscious relating for over 10 years she loves the open-ended enquiry into possibilities for intimacy and co-creation. 


Both Ana & Inna are living life and raising their children in committed long-term relationships. Inna’s partner Col will be part of the immersion. Ana's partner Tristan will be with the children, and may join for part of the weekend. 

Contact us for any questions that you might have or information that you need:

Ana: hello@ananorambuena.org

Inna: innaevolution.nz@gmail.com

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The Venue

Shambhala Eco Retreat - Onekaka, Golden Bay

Shambhala is set on acres of stunning native bush, with peaceful, secluded gardens, tea houses, Buddha statues and walks around the property and down to the private beach. A great place to explore during your free time! The hall has windows the whole way along and looks out over the Bay - it is constructed of cedar, Cyprus and pine that were grown on the property. Our kitchen is warm and welcoming and well stocked with yummy treats and drinks and there are plenty of spaces for reflection and connection. The rooms are simple and there’s a mixture of double and twin rooms (rooms will be allocated on a 1st in basis and we will do our best to meet your preference). 

Shambhala is a real gem. ​- A perfect location for our weekend retreat.